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Daryl is a guitarist, product specialist and composer from Singapore. He cut his teeth gigging in clubs and bars, playing everything from pop and rock, to funk and jazz. He's also honed his chops in the studio from doing numerous sessions over the years. 


He has performed and recorded with a diverse range of artists like Wang Junkai 王俊凯, Liu Yuning 刘宇宁, Shila Amzah, Olivia Ong 王俪婷Kelly Pan 潘嘉丽, Roy Li 黎沸挥, Jocie Guo 郭美美, 梦飞船 Dreamz FM, Zhou Hui 周蕙, Tay Kewei 郑可为, Bonnie Loo 罗美仪, Lai Yuming ​​赖铭伟, The Rit Xu Group, The Freshman, Electrico, M1LDL1FE and many others. He has also been a regular guest principal with the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra, and played in the pit for the Tony- nominated Broadway musical '& Juliet'. 


In the studio, Daryl has worked with producer/arranger/music directors like Kenn C, Lee Wei Song 李伟菘, James Yeo and Terence Teo. His guitar design and playing can be heard on the ongoing Jacky Cheung 60+ Concert Tour.


Touring Malaysia, China, India, Taiwan, Philippines, Laos, Japan and Indonesia, Daryl has played festivals and shows such as the Vientiane Jazz Festival and done countless gear demonstration and training clinics for Yamaha and Line 6. As a budding composer, he has done music for short films, indie games and advertisements.


He enjoys the outdoors and beaches, reading good books and spending time with his wife, Felicia and his cat, Scottie.


About Daryl 

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